Download page for ITS tools command line

Despite the ui integration of ITS-Tools with Eclipse being very nice, many scenarios involve calling the ITS-tools as part of a process, thus are easier to write and maintain using the command line. Plus some people just think eclipse is bloated and over-complex or have never used it, adopting it because of ITS-tools is too much. However ITS-tools leverages many components of the eclipse platform, notably EMF and XText which made extracting our code a bit of an issue.

So due to popular demand, we are happy to present the ITS-tools command line support, that allows to do everything we could from Eclipse, but using a plain command line and with minimal download/install hassle.

Download the its-cl ITS tools command line for Linux here : its-cl Linux (gtk, x64) This is the version used in the Model-checking competition at ICATPN

Download the its-cl ITS tools command line for Windows here : its-cl Windows (XP or later, x64). Please note that for this windows build you need to invoke "eclipsec" command instead of "its-tools".

Download the its-cl ITS tools command line for MacOS here : its-cl OSX (Cocoa x64)

Please note that you need Java 8 or better to run these tools. Simply unzip and run "its-tools" command.

Current flags are relatively limited :